++ed by:
Author image Adam J. Foxson
and 1 contributors

Changes for version 0.02

  • Quadrupled the number of tests
  • Removed maturity() from the API
  • Changed interpreter_vers1 to interpreter_vers_numeric
  • Changed interpreter_vers2 to interpreter_vers_float
  • via() is now automatically calculated based on the caller
  • via() also now includes itself (C::T::R)
  • from(), if specified, must be RFC 2822 compliant
  • We now reject attempts to report on perl itself, as opposed to a CPAN distribution (use perlbug!)
  • Notated the dependency on Time::Local in Makefile.PL
  • Corrected an initialization defect with osname()
  • Plenty of brain-storming in the TODO section of the POD
  • Started work on the new/separate transport distributions. This should help solidify and validate the API of C::T::R
  • In addition to the constructor already automatically populating the datetime, it now automatically calculates via() and the RFC 2822 compliance regex (see TODO though)


Creates CPAN Testers test-report objects