Changes for version 1.36

  • Fix problems with building on GNU/kFreeBSD, to do with use of pack instread of sockaddr_in. Patched by Debian Perl Group. (Closes RT#40144)
  • Fixed a compile problem in t/local/ptr_cast_test.c for some gcc versions. Reported by "Ryan McGuigan via RT". (Closes RT#52525)
  • Improved OpenSSL detection on Win32/strawberry perl. Patch provided by kmx. (Closes RT#49287)
  • Fix test failures on some 64-bit platforms. (Closes RT#53585)
  • Make X509_NAME_get_text_by_NID return its result without a trailing NUL. Patched by Steffen Ullrich. (Closes RT#35754)
  • SSL_set_session_secret_cb required for EAP-FAST is now enabled for both SSL_F_SSL_SET_HELLO_EXTENSION and SSL_F_SSL_SET_SESSION_TICKET_EXT. The name of this #define changed after 0.9.8i. SSL_set_hello_extension is not available after 0.9.8i.
  • Added SSL_CTX_get_client_CA_list sk_X509_NAME_free sk_X509_NAME_num sk_X509_NAME_value SSL_get_client_CA_list, from patch provided by Joerg Schneider
  • Added EVP_add_digest and EVP_sha256 (if available)
  • Improve documentation on callback functions.
  • Stop looping forever when writing to broken connections. Patched by Martin Mares. (Closes RT#44170)
  • Patches from "Martijn van Beers via RT" to add SSL_SENT_SHUTDOWN and SSL_RECEIVED_SHUTDOWN, remove broken URLs, and to fix some documentation issues.
  • Various changes to build with OpenSSL 1.0 beta1: SSL_SESSION_cmp has been removed return type of SSL_CTX_sessions changed in an ugly way
  • Fixed a build problem reported by SISYPHUS: On Windows Vista64, ActivePerl 5.10.0 (build 1004, x64), running 'nmake test', the process hangs forever when it comes to building the test executable (as the executable fails to build).
  • Applied patch from ecmenifee in to improve handling of errors in ssl_write_all. (Closes RT#48132)
  • Patch to permit compile and testing on OS/2 submitted by Ilya Zakharevich.
  • Fixed compile problems with openssl-1.0.0-beta3 due to MD2 now being optional. Reported by paul [...]
  • Fixed compile problems with openssl-0.9.7 and earlier with undefined symbol EVP_sha256. Reported by paul [...]
  • Fixed a typo reported by Dan Dascalescu.
  • added RIPEMD160 digest function. Patch provided by dkg.
  • #EOF


Perl extension for using OpenSSL
Perl module that lets SSL (HTTPS) sockets be handled as standard file handles.