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Changes for version 1.20 - 2002-07-22

  • Several cosmetic touchups
  • Some code refactoring
  • There have been some further very minor interface adjustments to accomodate for some newsletter irregularities. total is now details_total, entry's posted_by has been split into posted_by_name and posted_by_url. Fields that are now specified in the newsletter now return '' instead of 'Not specified'
  • Better newsletter parsing, and improved error checking
  • More tests :-)
  • Reduced the size of the distribution tarball in half
  • Added support for newsletter "articles", see POD
  • Updated the POD with more documentation
  • Fixed a suble bug with parse_entry_version


parses daily newsletters from


in lib/Freshmeat/
in lib/Freshmeat/
in lib/Freshmeat/