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Changes for version 1.435_1

  • removed cl from cc_re for gcc binary sets, made new binary set for ActivePerl instead [FROGGS]
  • fixed SDL dirname during Build when applying patches (was SDL-1.2.14, is SDL-1.2) [FROGGS]
  • checking environment on windows when compiler is cl [FROGGS]
  • using vcvars32.bat to set up env on windows [FROGGS]
  • cl compiler prints to stdout instead of stderr, displaying these messages [FROGGS]
  • added libs like ogg to shlib_map, needed for loading these libs at runtime to help msvc [FROGGS]
  • added patches/SDL_config_win32.h for msvc, because it has no configure [FROGGS]
  • reapplied openbsd-rldflags patch, it got lost during update to SDL-1.2.15 [FROGGS]
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