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Finance::Quote - Get stock and mutual fund quotes from various exchanges
Finance::Quote::ASX - Obtain quotes from the Australian Stock Exchange.
Finance::Quote::Cdnfundlibrary - Obtain mutual fund prices from www.fundlibrary.com
Finance::Quote::Citywire - Obtain UK Unit Trust quotes from morningstar.co.uk.
Finance::Quote::Cominvest - Obtain information from cominvest, formerly known as Adig Investment.
Finance::Quote::Currencies - List of currencies from Yahoo Finance
Finance::Quote::DWS - Obtain quotes from DWS (Deutsche Bank Gruppe).
Finance::Quote::Deka - Obtain fonds quotes from DekaBank.
Finance::Quote::FTPortfolios - Obtain unit trust prices from www.ftportfolios.com
Finance::Quote::FTfunds - Obtain UK Unit Trust quotes from FT.com (Financial Times).
Finance::Quote::Fidelity - Obtain information from Fidelity Investments.
Finance::Quote::FinanceCanada - Obtain stock and mutual fund prices from finance.canada.com
Finance::Quote::Finanzpartner - Obtain quotes from Finanzpartner.de.
Finance::Quote::Fool - Obtain quotes from the Motley Fool web site.
Finance::Quote::GoldMoney - obtain spot rates from GoldMoney.
Finance::Quote::HEX - Obtain quotes from the Helsinki Stock Exchange.
Finance::Quote::HU - Obtain Hungarian Securities from www.magyartokepiac.hu www.bamosz.hu
Finance::Quote::IndiaMutual - Obtain Indian mutual fund prices from amfiindia.com
Finance::Quote::MStaruk - Obtain UK Unit Trust quotes from morningstar.co.uk.
Finance::Quote::ManInvestments - Obtain quotes from Man Investments Australia.
Finance::Quote::Morningstar - Obtain fund prices the Fredrik way
Finance::Quote::MorningstarJP - Obtain price data from Morningstar (Japan).
Finance::Quote::MtGox - Obtain information from Mt.Gox
Finance::Quote::NZX - Obtain quotes from NZX (New Zealand stock exchange.)
Finance::Quote::Platinum - Obtain quotes from the Platinum Asset Management.
Finance::Quote::SEB - Obtain fund prices from www.seb.se
Finance::Quote::TNetuk - Obtain UK Unit Trust quotes from trustnet.com.
Finance::Quote::TSX - Obtain quotes from the Toronto Stock Exchange.
Finance::Quote::Tdefunds - Obtain quotes from TD Waterhouse Efunds
Finance::Quote::Tdwaterhouse - Obtain quotes from TD Waterhouse Canada
Finance::Quote::Tiaacref - Obtain quote from TIAA-CREF.
Finance::Quote::Troweprice - Obtain quotes from T. Rowe Price
Finance::Quote::Trustnet - Obtain unit trust prices from trustnet.co.uk
Finance::Quote::Union - Obtain quotes from UNION (Zurich Financial Services Group).
Finance::Quote::VWD - Obtain quotes from vwd Vereinigte Wirtschaftsdienste GmbH.
Finance::Quote::Yahoo::Asia - Fetch quotes from Yahoo Asia
Finance::Quote::Yahoo::Australia - Fetch Australian stock quotes via Yahoo.
Finance::Quote::Yahoo::Base - Common functions for fetching Yahoo info.
Finance::Quote::Yahoo::Brasil - Fetch Brasiln stock quotes via Yahoo.
Finance::Quote::Yahoo::Europe - Fetch quotes from Yahoo Europe
Finance::Quote::Yahoo::NZ - Fetch nzn stock quotes via Yahoo.
Finance::Quote::Yahoo::USA - Obtain information about stocks and funds in the USA and Canada.
Finance::Quote::YahooJSON - Obtain quotes from Yahoo Finance through JSON call
Finance::Quote::ZA - Obtain South African stock and prices from www.sharenet.co.za
Finance::Quote::ZA_UnitTrusts - Obtain South African unit trust prices from www.equinox.co.za
Finance::Quote::SIXfunds in lib/Finance/Quote/SIXfunds.pm
Finance::Quote::SIXshares in lib/Finance/Quote/SIXshares.pm
Finance::Quote::StockHouseCanada in lib/Finance/Quote/StockHouseCanada.pm
Finance::Quote::UserAgent in lib/Finance/Quote/UserAgent.pm
Changes for version 1.35
  • BUGFIX: VWD - currency returned.

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