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Data::DumpXML::Parser - Restore data dumped by Data::DumpXML


 use Data::DumpXML::Parser;

 my $p = Data::DumpXML::Parser->new;
 my $data = $p->parsefile(shift || "test.xml");


Data::DumpXML::Parser is an XML::Parser subclass that can recreate the data structure from an XML document produced by Data::DumpXML. The parserfile() method returns a reference to an array of the values dumped.

The constructor method new() takes a single additional argument to that of XML::Parser:

Blesser => CODEREF

A subroutine that is invoked to bless restored objects. The subroutine is invoked with two arguments: a reference to the object, and a string containing the class name. If not provided, the built-in bless function is used.

For situations where the input file cannot necessarily be trusted and blessing arbitrary Classes might give malicious input the ability to exploit the DESTROY methods of modules used by the code, it is a good idea to provide a no-op blesser:

  my $p = Data::DumpXML::Parser->new(Blesser => sub {});


Data::DumpXML, XML::Parser


Copyright 2001 Gisle Aas.

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.