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Gisle Aas
URI - Uniform Resource Identifiers (absolute and relative)
URI::Escape - Percent-encode and percent-decode unsafe characters
URI::Heuristic - Expand URI using heuristics
URI::QueryParam - Additional query methods for URIs
URI::Split - Parse and compose URI strings
URI::URL - Uniform Resource Locators
URI::WithBase - URIs which remember their base
URI::_punycode - encodes Unicode string in Punycode
URI::data - URI that contains immediate data
URI::file - URI that maps to local file names
URI::ldap - LDAP Uniform Resource Locators
URI::_foreign in URI/_foreign.pm
URI::_foreign in URI/URL.pm
URI::_generic in URI/_generic.pm
URI::_idna in URI/_idna.pm
URI::_ldap in URI/_ldap.pm
URI::_login in URI/_login.pm
URI::_query in URI/_query.pm
URI::_segment in URI/_segment.pm
URI::_server in URI/_server.pm
URI::_userpass in URI/_userpass.pm
URI::file::Base in URI/file/Base.pm
URI::file::FAT in URI/file/FAT.pm
URI::file::Mac in URI/file/Mac.pm
URI::file::OS2 in URI/file/OS2.pm
URI::file::QNX in URI/file/QNX.pm
URI::file::Unix in URI/file/Unix.pm
URI::file::Win32 in URI/file/Win32.pm
URI::ftp in URI/ftp.pm
URI::gopher in URI/gopher.pm
URI::http in URI/http.pm
URI::https in URI/https.pm
URI::ldapi in URI/ldapi.pm
URI::ldaps in URI/ldaps.pm
URI::mailto in URI/mailto.pm
URI::mms in URI/mms.pm
URI::news in URI/news.pm
URI::nntp in URI/nntp.pm
URI::pop in URI/pop.pm
URI::rlogin in URI/rlogin.pm
URI::rsync in URI/rsync.pm
URI::rtsp in URI/rtsp.pm
URI::rtspu in URI/rtspu.pm
URI::sip in URI/sip.pm
URI::sips in URI/sips.pm
URI::snews in URI/snews.pm
URI::ssh in URI/ssh.pm
URI::telnet in URI/telnet.pm
URI::tn3270 in URI/tn3270.pm
URI::urn in URI/urn.pm
URI::urn::isbn in URI/urn/isbn.pm
URI::urn::oid in URI/urn/oid.pm

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