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Gisle Aas
lwp-mirror - Simple mirror utility for WWW
lwp-rget - Retrieve WWW documents recursively
lwpcook - libwww-perl cookbook
File::CounterFile - Persistent counter class
File::Listing - parse directory listing
Font::AFM - Interface to Adobe Font Metrics files
HTML::AsSubs - functions that construct a HTML syntax tree
HTML::Element - Class for objects that represent HTML elements UNAUTHORIZED
HTML::Entities - Expand HTML entities in a string
HTML::FormatPS - Format HTML as postscript
HTML::FormatText - Format HTML as text
HTML::Formatter - Base class for HTML formatters
HTML::HeadParser - Parse <HEAD> section of a HTML document
HTML::LinkExtor - Extract links from an HTML document
HTML::Parse - Parse HTML text
HTML::Parser - SGML parser class
HTML::TreeBuilder - Parser that builds a HTML syntax tree
HTTP::Headers - Class encapsulating HTTP Message headers
HTTP::Message - Class encapsulating HTTP messages
HTTP::Negotiate - choose a variant of a document to serve (HTTP content negotiation)
HTTP::Request - Class encapsulating HTTP Requests
HTTP::Response - Class encapsulating HTTP Responses
HTTP::Status - HTTP Status code processing
LWP - Library for WWW access in Perl
LWP::Debug - debug routines for the libwww-perl library
LWP::IO - Low level I/O capability
LWP::IO - Tk I/O routines for the LWP library
LWP::MediaTypes - guess media type for a file or a URL.
LWP::MemberMixin - Member access mixin class
LWP::Protocol - Base class for LWP protocols
LWP::RobotUA - A class for Web Robots
LWP::Socket - TCP/IP socket interface
LWP::UserAgent - A WWW UserAgent class
MIME::Base64 - Encode string using base64 encoding
MIME::QuotedPrint - Encode string using quoted-printable encoding
URI::Escape - Escape unsafe characters
URI::URL - Uniform Resource Locators (absolute and relative)
WWW::RobotRules - Parse robots.txt files
File::Listing::dosftp in lib/File/Listing.pm
File::Listing::netware in lib/File/Listing.pm
File::Listing::unix in lib/File/Listing.pm
File::Listing::vms in lib/File/Listing.pm
Font::Metrics::Courier in lib/Font/Metrics/Courier.pm
Font::Metrics::CourierBold in lib/Font/Metrics/CourierBold.pm
Font::Metrics::CourierBoldOblique in lib/Font/Metrics/CourierBoldOblique.pm
Font::Metrics::CourierOblique in lib/Font/Metrics/CourierOblique.pm
Font::Metrics::Helvetica in lib/Font/Metrics/Helvetica.pm
Font::Metrics::HelveticaBold in lib/Font/Metrics/HelveticaBold.pm
Font::Metrics::HelveticaBoldOblique in lib/Font/Metrics/HelveticaBoldOblique.pm
Font::Metrics::HelveticaOblique in lib/Font/Metrics/HelveticaOblique.pm
Font::Metrics::TimesBold in lib/Font/Metrics/TimesBold.pm
Font::Metrics::TimesBoldItalic in lib/Font/Metrics/TimesBoldItalic.pm
Font::Metrics::TimesItalic in lib/Font/Metrics/TimesItalic.pm
Font::Metrics::TimesRoman in lib/Font/Metrics/TimesRoman.pm
HTTP::Date in lib/HTTP/Date.pm
LWP::Protocol::file in lib/LWP/Protocol/file.pm
LWP::Protocol::ftp in lib/LWP/Protocol/ftp.pm
LWP::Protocol::gopher in lib/LWP/Protocol/gopher.pm
LWP::Protocol::http in lib/LWP/Protocol/http.pm
LWP::Protocol::mailto in lib/LWP/Protocol/mailto.pm
LWP::Protocol::nntp in lib/LWP/Protocol/nntp.pm
LWP::Protocol::nntp::Socket in lib/LWP/Protocol/nntp.pm
LWP::Simple in lib/LWP/Simple.pm
URI::URL::_generic in lib/URI/URL/_generic.pm
URI::URL::_login in lib/URI/URL/_login.pm
URI::URL::file in lib/URI/URL/file.pm
URI::URL::finger in lib/URI/URL/finger.pm
URI::URL::ftp in lib/URI/URL/ftp.pm
URI::URL::gopher in lib/URI/URL/gopher.pm
URI::URL::http in lib/URI/URL/http.pm
URI::URL::https in lib/URI/URL/https.pm
URI::URL::mailto in lib/URI/URL/mailto.pm
URI::URL::news in lib/URI/URL/news.pm
URI::URL::nntp in lib/URI/URL/nntp.pm
URI::URL::prospero in lib/URI/URL/prospero.pm
URI::URL::rlogin in lib/URI/URL/rlogin.pm
URI::URL::telnet in lib/URI/URL/telnet.pm
URI::URL::tn3270 in lib/URI/URL/tn3270.pm
URI::URL::wais in lib/URI/URL/wais.pm
URI::URL::webster in lib/URI/URL/webster.pm
URI::URL::whois in lib/URI/URL/whois.pm

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