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Changes for version 0.22 - 2024-04-23

  • First public release of CSAF


CSAF Downloader
Build ROLIE (Resource-Oriented Lightweight Information Exchange) feed
CSAF Validator


Downloader Command Line Interface
ROLIE Command Line Interface
Validator Command Line Interface
Common Security Advisory Framework
CSAF base class
Build the CSAF document
CSAF Document
Download CAF document
CSAF::Common configurator
CSAF::Downloader configurator
CSAF::ROLIE::Feed configurator
CSAF::Writer configurator
Parse a CSAF document
ROLIE entry collection
ROLIE feed entry
Build ROLIE (Resource-Oriented Lightweight Information Exchange) feed
CSAF Renderer Front-end
Renderer base class
Render a CSAF document in HTML
Render a CSAF document in JSON
"JSON::Validator" wrapper
Wrapper for all CSAF document types
Generic utility for CSAF
Utility for CSAF CLI Applications
CVSS utility for CSAF
CWE utility for CSAF
(Mojo like) collection utility
Log utility for CSAF
Options utility for CSAF
Conformance Validator
Base class for CSAF validation
Validator Message
Validate CSAF document using JSON Schema.
Write and distributes CSAF documents


in lib/CSAF/