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Changes for version 0.12

  • Andy Lee submite a patch that solved my tied ranks dilemma. Yay!
  • Added proper renamed tests with pod and boileplate.
  • Updated POD and README.

Changes for version 0.11_3

  • Whoops. Needed require 5.006001;

Changes for version 0.11_2

  • Replaced my "restrictive formulation" of spearman() with Jon Schutz' "direct Pearson coefficient of the rank vectors" algorithm - and now spearman (almost) works!
  • Refactored the test a bit.

Changes for version 0.11_1

  • Realized that the module does not compute correct results in the presence of tied ranks and updated POD accordingly.
  • Added a slew of TODO tests for tied ranks.


Compute the rank correlation between two vectors
Compute the rank correlation between two vectors