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Changes for version 2.00_05

  • fix if... else logic thanks to Torsten Foertsch

Changes for version 2.00_04

  • updates for mod_perl 2.0-RC5 (1.999_22)

Changes for version 2.00_03

  • require mod_perl 1.99_15 so that Apache-Test can find need_lwp() and other need* variant functions
  • change have_* functions to need*
  • keep subrequests from dumping core
  • tidy 05perl-subreq.t so that it actually will work someday
  • fix uninitialized warning [ Torsten Foertsch ]

Changes for version 2.00_02

  • updates for the latest mod_perl

Changes for version 2.00_01

  • original version


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