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Changes for version 0.89 - 2011-01-27

    • Disable foreign class warnings introduced at 0.71, which affects compatibility with Moose (and will re-introduce in more compatible way in the future)


Mouse in a single file
A Mouse guts in XS


Moose minus the antlers
make an import() and unimport() just like
The Mouse attribute metaclass
The Mouse class metaclass
A Mouse Method metaclass
A Mouse method generator for accessors
A Mouse method generator for constructors
A Mouse method generator for delegation methods
A Mouse method generator for destructors
The common base class of Mouse::Meta::Class and Mouse::Meta::Role
The Mouse Role metaclass
The Mouse role application class
An object to represent the set of roles
A Mouse Method metaclass for Roles
The Mouse Type Constraint metaclass
The base object for Mouse classes
A Mouse guts in pure Perl
The Mouse Role
To what extent Mouse is compatible with Moose
Utilities for working with Mouse classes
Apply roles to any metaclass, as well as the object base class
Type constraint system for Mouse
Use Mouse, unless Moose is already loaded. (DEPRECATED)
Use Mouse::Role, unless Moose::Role is already loaded. (DEPRECATED)
Test functions for Mouse specific features
syntactic sugar to make Mouse one-liners easier


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