CGI::AppToolkit::Data::Automorph - A SQL data source component of CGI::AppToolkit that inherits from CGI::AppToolkit::Data::SQLObject and adds the ability to 'interrogate' the DBD to gather information about the database table. You can occasionally use CGI::AppToolkit::Data::Automorph directly. For most projects, you shoould still create a module that inherits from CGI::AppToolkit::Data::Automorph, often only overriding two methods.



This is the equivalent to init() from CGI::AppToolkit::Data::SQLObject, which CGI::AppToolkit::Data::Automorph overrides and calls this method from. You must at set the index parameter from here, if you override this method. See CGI::AppToolkit::Data::SQLObject->init().


See CGI::AppToolkit::Data::SQLObject->get_db_statement_local().


Copyright 2002 Robert Giseburt ( All rights reserved.

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