Changes for version 3.0.00

  • GA release
  • no code modification. Same codebase as 2.0.99f
    • completed cookbook (41 recipes in MySQL::Sandbox::Recipes)
    • added script_templates directory (No modification in current version, just preparation for 3.1.xx)
    • added drafts directory
  • 2.0.99f 03-May-2009
    • fixed bug in make_sandbox_from_installed. Some system use /lib64 instead of /lib
    • added more recipes to MySQL::Sandbox::Recipes
  • 2.0.99e 03-May-2009
    • added make_sandbox_from_installed to install from binaries already installed via packages such as .deb, .rpm.
    • added sample perl test script to MANIFEST. Missed during the previous release
    • added MySQL::Sandbox::Recipes, a cookbook with short How-To tutorials
    • cleaned up tests. Added 8 more test to check replication parameters
  • 2.0.99d 02-May-2009
    • Added user defined test in Perl, in addition to the ones written in the test_sandbox script language
    • Updated documentation
  • 2.0.99c 01-May-2009
    • Fixed conceptual bug in "start" and "restart". Group sandboxes were not allowing it
    • added "restart_all" in group sandboxes
    • Added 18 new tests to check the above problem
    • Added documentation about port checking and parameters accepted by 'start' and 'restart'
  • 2.0.99b 26-Apr-2009
    • added group port checking to make_replication_sandbox and make_multiple_sandbox
    • added 2 new tests to the test suite to test singkle and group port checking
    • added documentation on port checking
  • 2.0.99a 12-Apr-2009
    • fixed bug in make_replication_sandbox and make_multiple_sandbox. If a group sandbox was the first to be created under $SANDBOX_HOME, it failed.
    • added as user defined sample test


Quickly installs MySQL side server, either standalone or in groups
A cookbook for MySQL Sandbox
Script templates for MySQL Sandbox