Changes for version 3.0.12

  • Fixed bug in test_sandbox. When a test evaluates only the result code and there is no output from a failing command, test_result was not able to detect the failure.
  • fixed bug in test_sandbox. Due to a change in behavior in the mysql client, where './use -B -N' with a \G terminated query does not show the headers since 5.1.43, We need to take into account the pre and post fix behaviors in the test.
  • Integrated set_plugins into sbtool
  • Updated documentation
  • added tests for innodb plugin installation
  • added tests for semi-synch plugin installation
  • Fixed bug in 'stop' script. It did not accept $MYCLIENT_OPTION
  • Fixed bug#487864 - tar was using '--help' instead of '--version' to detect the supported version.
  • Fixed bug in sbtool. It did not display credits in the help.
  • Added test to skip testing on Windows.
  • added instrumentation to all MySQL Sandbox scripts. If you set the $SBINSTR environment variable with the name of a file, all sandbox scripts will write an entry to that file with their run time params.


Quickly installs MySQL side server, either standalone or in groups
A cookbook for MySQL Sandbox
Script templates for MySQL Sandbox