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RenderMan - A RenderMan binding as a Perl 5.6 module


  use RenderMan;


This RenderMan module implements a Perl 5.6 binding for the BMRT client library (libribout). It fully supports the client library. Therefore, this module has the following limitations: Error Handling callbacks are not implemented, Filter function callbacks are not implemented, and the TransformPoints function does nothing. Also, Blobby is not yet supported by BMRT

The full RenderMan specification is way beyond the scope of this man page. Please refer to the documents below for more information about RenderMan. The Perl binding is identical to the C binding except a few minor points: All "parameterlist"s are passed as a reference to a hash (i.e. \%params). Anywhere that a function's arguments can be terminated by RI_NULL, you can simply choose to not include that RI_NULL argument, which is incredibly nice.

All array, matrix, and basis types are single-dimension arrays of doubles in this Perl binding. The order for 2-dimension types is first-row followed by second-row, etc.

You will typically want to run your RenderMan Perl script and pipe the results into any RenderMan-compliant renderer, such as "rgl", "rendribv", or "rendrib", which all come with the excellent BMRT backage by Larry Gritz.

If using the WinNT version of BMRT, you can specify a filename, "rgl" or "rendrib" as the argument to Begin(); and the output will be sent to a file or automatically piped to "rgl" or "rendrib" since the piping mechanism (and general functionality) of WinNT's command line parser is, uh, limited.


Glenn M. Lewis,,


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The RenderMan Interface Specification, Version 3.2, July 2000, Pixar.

RenderMan is a registered trademark of Pixar.