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Author image Graciliano Monteiro Passos

Changes for version 0.06 - 2005-01-16

  • Added reinforce learning algorithm.
  • Added check of errors bigger than 1 at learn_set().
  • Fix some memory leak for non mortal SV*.


Define, learn and use easy Neural Networks of different types using a portable code in Perl and XS.


in lib/AI/NNEasy/NN.pm
in lib/AI/NNEasy/NN/backprop.pm
in lib/AI/NNEasy/NN/feedforward.pm
in lib/AI/NNEasy/NN.pm
in lib/AI/NNEasy/NN/layer.pm
in lib/AI/NNEasy/NN/node.pm
in lib/AI/NNEasy/NN/reinforce.pm