Gregor N. Purdy, Sr.

Changes for version 0.00205

  • Changed prompting to pass prompt string into iget(), which passes it on to Term::ReadLine::readline or prints it out if the ReadLine module is not available. Thanks to Sam Tregar and
  • Changed history handling so that empty lines and those consisting of entirely whitespace are not recorded.
  • Fixed a couple of typos.
  • Changed the regular expression for "smart mode" to allow "vi +3 psh" in addition to "ls -l".
  • Now uses Getopt::Std for option processing.
  • Fixed the code that detects the presence of Term::ReadLine.
  • Made more use of debug mode to print out advisory information.
  • Use zero instead of undef to set Term::ReadLine::MinLine so that we don't get undef usage trouble in the guts of Term::ReadLine::Gnu.
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