Gregor N. Purdy, Sr.

Changes for version 0.004

  • This release fixes bugs, refactors the code, and adds the following features:
    • Background process management much more like bash.
    • Perl code in addition to executables may be put in the background.
    • Pipelines.
    • Initial internationalization.
    • New built-ins: 'alias', 'export', 'setenv'.
    • A flexible set of evaluation strategies that can be selected or reordered by setting a configuration variable.
    • Prompt strings can have escapes like \07 (ASCII BEL) or \10 (ASCII LF).
    • avoided trying to save history if there wasn't even a ReadLine module
    • added $psh::debugging variable to hold the debugging state, so it can be turned on and off in a running psh
    • A $psh::echo variable to control whether perl results of evaluation are printed.
    • The which builtin now shows which strategy will apply to a given command line
    • Grab more input automatically if <<BLOCK appears anywhere on the line, or if the line ends with an open brace.
    • results of psh::which searches are hashed.
    • Thorough documentation of every user-accessible variable and function
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