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Changes for version 0.49

  • Event sequences.
  • Adding a few events, updating doc.


An editor written using Text::Editor::Easy objects.


A perl module to edit perl code with syntax highlighting and more.
The module that manages everything that is displayed.
Key functions using subs of "Text::Editor::Easy::Abstract" module. Faster than using the object-oriented interface (that is, faster than "Text::Editor::Easy::Key") but not very clear.
Thread communication mecanism of "Text::Editor::Easy" module.
Object oriented interface to cursor data (managed by "Text::Editor::Easy::Abstract")
Global common data shared by all threads.
Object oriented interface to displays (managed by "Text::Editor::Easy::Abstract"). A display is a screen line. With wrap mode, you can have several displays for a single line on a file.
Manage events linked to user code : specific code is referenced and called here.
Management of the data that is edited.
Link between "Text::Editor::Easy::Abstract" and a terminal. Does not actually work.
Link between "Text::Editor::Easy::Abstract" and "Gtk". Does not actually work.
Link between "Text::Editor::Easy::Abstract" and "Tk".
Key functions using object-oriented interface of "Text::Editor::Easy".
Object oriented interface to a file line (managed in the background by "Text::Editor::Easy::Abstract" and "Text::Editor::Easy::File_manager").
Manage various user events on "Text::Editor::Easy" objects.
Execution of macro panel instructions in the "" program.
Redirection of prints coming from the macro panel of the "" program (insertion in a "Text::Editor::Easy" object).
STDOUT and SDTERR redirection when launching a new application from "" program.
The "Open" function of the "" program uses a special "Text::Editor::Easy" object. Here is the code that makes this instance special.
This module makes regular saves of the entire "Text::Editor::Easy" tree under developpement.
Bad named module (initially searching text) : used to answer to user modification in the Eval tab of the program.
Tab simulation with a Text::Editor::Easy object.
Object oriented interface to screen data (managed by "Text::Editor::Easy::Abstract").
Perl highlighting (will always be limited, perl is too dynamic...). Contexts are still not yet managed.
Automatic indentation, addition of characters,...
Full trace management. The following events are saved on files : print (on STDOUT or STDERR), inter-thread call and user event (key press, mouse move, ...). For each trace, the client thread and the stack call are saved.
Object oriented interface to window data (managed by "Text::Editor::Easy::Abstract"). This module will replace "common parts" of the old "".
A "zone" is a part of a window. Several "Text::Editor::Easy" objects can share the same "zone". But only one "Text::Editor::Easy" object can be on the top of its zone. So , in a particular zone, only one "Text::Editor::Easy" object is visible.