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Dict::FSA - FSA wrapper


Version 0.1.1


This module is a perl wrapper around fsa, a set of tools based on finite state automata (


    use Dict::FSA;

    Dict::FSA->create_dict($wordlist, $file);

    my $dict = Dict::FSA->new();


Class methods

Dict::FSA->create_dict($wordlist, $file)

Creates a dictionnary from $wordlist suitable for use with fsa, and save it in file $file.


Dict::FSALexed->new($distance, $wordfiles)

Creates and returns a new Dict::FSA object.

Optional parameters:


maximum distance for approximated matches


an hashref of word file to use



Check the dictionnary for exact match of word $word. Returns a true value if word is present in the dictionnary, false otherwise.


Check the dictionnary for approximate match of word $word. Returns a list of approximated words from the dictionnary, according to parameters passed when creating the object.


Query the dictionnary for word $word. Returns the raw result of the query, as a list of words.