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Locale::gettext_xs - XS Implementation of Uniforum Message Translation
Locale::Messages - Gettext Like Message Retrieval
Locale::Recode - Object-Oriented Portable Charset Conversion
Locale::Recode::_Aliases - Internal Charset Alias Database for libintl-perl
Locale::Recode::_Conversions - Internal Table of Known Conversions
Locale::RecodeData - Abstract Base Class for Charset Converters
Locale::TextDomain - Perl Interface to Uniform Message Translation
Locale::gettext_pp - Pure Perl Implementation of Uniforum Message Translation
__TiedTextDomain in lib/Locale/TextDomain.pm
Locale::gettext_xs in gettext_xs/gettext_xs.pm
Locale::RecodeData::ISO_8859_1 in lib/Locale/RecodeData/ISO_8859_1.pm
Locale::RecodeData::US_ASCII in lib/Locale/RecodeData/US_ASCII.pm
MyInstall in MyInstall.pm
SimpleCal in sample/simplecal/lib/SimpleCal.pm

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