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module with core variables
handle architectures
handle build information
handle build API versions
track build environment
query build flags
handle build information
parse and update build options
handle build profiles
handle build tree actions
track build types
base class to implement a changelog parser
parse Debian changelogs
represents a changelog entry
represents a Debian changelog entry
generic changelog parser for dpkg-parsechangelog
generate and manipulate file checksums
simple database of available compression methods
class dealing transparently with file compression
run compression/decompression processes
parse dpkg configuration files
parse and manipulate official control-like information
represent info fields output by dpkg-parsechangelog
manage (list of official) control fields
manage (list of official) control fields
parse and manipulate a stanza of deb822 fields
parse and manipulate a stanza of deb822 fields
ties a Dpkg::Control::Hash object
parse files like debian/control
parse files like debian/tests/control
represents a test suite entry
export CTRL_* constants
parse and manipulate dependencies of Debian packages
list of AND dependencies
list of installed real and virtual packages
base module to represent multiple dependencies
list of OR dependencies
represents a single dependency statement
list of unrelated dependencies
handle built artifacts to distribute
handle error conditions
program exit handlers
file handling
option parsing handling
convenience wrapper around Locale::gettext
helper functions for IPC
generic index of control information
common methods related to object serialization
file locking support
multi-backend OpenPGP support
OpenPGP backend base class
OpenPGP backend for GnuPG
OpenPGP backend for SOP
OpenPGP backend for Sequoia
OpenPGP error codes
OpenPGP key handle support
package properties handling
some common path handling functions
shared library location handling
C++ symbol mangling support via c++filt
symbol support via objdump
represent an object from objdump output
represent an object file symbol
represent a symbols file
source tarball archive support
manipulate debian/source/include-binaries files
manipulate debian/source/format files
miscellaneous source package handling functions
manipulate Debian source packages
class for source format 1.0
class for source format 2.0
class for source format 3.0 (bzr)
class for source format 3.0 (custom)
class for source format 3.0 (git)
class for source format 3.0 (native)
class for source format 3.0 (quilt)
represent a patch file
represent a quilt patch queue
handle variable substitution in strings
get access to some vendor specific information
Debian vendor class
default vendor class
Devuan vendor class
Ubuntu vendor class
handling and comparing dpkg-style version numbers
helpers for test scripts for the dpkg suite