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Breno G. de Oliveira
zumbis - a fast-paced zombie apocalypse arcade game
Games::Zumbis - How long can you survive in a zombies attack
Games::Zumbis::Audio in lib/Games/Zumbis/Audio.pm
Games::Zumbis::L10N in lib/Games/Zumbis/L10N.pm
Games::Zumbis::L10N::en_us in lib/Games/Zumbis/L10N/en_us.pm
Games::Zumbis::L10N::pt_br in lib/Games/Zumbis/L10N/pt_br.pm
Games::Zumbis::Mapa in lib/Games/Zumbis/Mapa.pm
Games::Zumbis::TelaGameOver in lib/Games/Zumbis/TelaGameOver.pm
Games::Zumbis::Tiro in lib/Games/Zumbis/Tiro.pm
Games::Zumbis::Zumbi in lib/Games/Zumbis/Zumbi.pm
Changes for version 0.05
    • L10N support. Messages now in en-us and pt-br (garu)
    • new windows icon (froggs)
    • player can quit during the gameover scren (garu)
    • minor internal refactoring (garu)
    • oops, forgot to bump SDL minimal version (garu)

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