Dr Bean
and 1 contributors


  • anterior_data.pl - Transfer names, passwords, ratings from previous semester
  • create_groups.pl - Partition league into teams fairly on basis of ratings
  • grade_dic.pl - Grade only dic letters written
  • print_grades.pl - Format classwork, homework, exams, final grades
  • scantron.pl - Generate .yaml file to enter group's responses to jigsaw questions
  • school_data.pl - Get Chinese names, id info from school data about league members
  • score_jigsaw.pl - Convert individual responses to a total score correct
  • sum_g1_g2.pl - Mean of jigsaw scores and compcomp scores


  • Grades - A collocation of homework, classwork and exams
  • Grades::Groupwork - A way of working as a team in a competition or school
  • Grades::Types - MooseX::Type checks for homework, classwork and exams data