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CPAN::Changes - Parser for CPAN style change logs


  use CPAN::Changes;
  my $changes = CPAN::Changes->load('Changes');


It is standard practice to include a Changes file in your distribution. The purpose the Changes file is to help a user figure out what has changed since the last release.

People have devised many ways to write the Changes file. A preliminary specification has been created (CPAN::Changes::Spec) to encourage module authors to write clear and concise Changes.

This module will help users programmatically read and write Changes files that conform to the specification.


new ( %args )

Creates a CPAN::Changes object.



The preamble section of the changelog.


An arrayref of CPAN::Changes::Release objects.

load ( $filename, %args )

Creates a new CPAN::Changes object by parsing the given file via CPAN::Changes::Parser.

load_string ( $filename, %args )

Creates a new CPAN::Changes object by parsing the given string via CPAN::Changes::Parser.

preamble ( [ $preamble ] )

Gets or sets the preamble section.

releases ( [ @releases ] )

Gets or sets the list of releases as CPAN::Changes::Release objects.

add_release ( @releases )

Adds the given releases to the change log. If a release of the same version exists, it will be overwritten.

delete_release ( @versions )

Removes the given versions from change log.

find_release ( $version )

Finds a release with the given version.


Returns a new CPAN::Changes object with the releases in the opposite order.

clone ( %attrs )

Returns a new CPAN::Changes object with the given attributes changed.

serialize ( %options )

Returns the change log as a string suitable for saving as a Changes file.


The width to wrap lines at. By default, lines will be wrapped at 75 characters.


An array reference of styles to use when outputting the entries, one for each level of change. The first entry is used for the release entry itself.

The styles can be either a single character to prefix change lines or two characters to use as a prefix and suffix.


An array reference of indent strings to use when outputting the entries.

reverse (legacy)

If true, releases will be output in reversed order.

group_sort (legacy)

A code reference used to sort the groups in the releases.



Removes empty groups.


An alias for find_release.


haarg - Graham Knop (cpan:HAARG) <>


Brian Cassidy <>


Copyright (c) 2011-2015 the CPAN::Changes "AUTHOR" and "CONTRIBUTORS" as listed above.


This library is free software and may be distributed under the same terms as perl itself. See