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Changes for version 1.004_003

  • always maintain source of quoted subs for the lifetime of the sub
  • fix Sub::Quote and Sub::Defer leaking memory
  • Class::XSAccessor is now listed as a recommended prerequisite
  • fix generating a subclass with roles when using a non-standard accessor
  • use alternate quoting routine, which is faster and saves memory by not loading B.pm
  • fix default of undef
  • fix inheriting from a class with a prototype on new
  • use ->is_role internally to check if a package is a role
  • minimise Role::Tiny coupling outside Moo::Role
  • fix calling parent constructor when C3 multiple inheritance is in use (such as when combining with DBIx::Class)
  • return true from Moo::Role->is_role for all loaded Moose roles
  • improved test coverage
  • fix strictures author test when PERL_STRICTURES_EXTRA is set
  • remove Dist::CheckConflicts prerequisite and replace with a test to report known broken downstream modules
  • fix x_breaks metadata
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  • Moo - Minimalist Object Orientation (with Moose compatibility)
  • Moo::Role - Minimal Object Orientation support for Roles
  • Sub::Defer - defer generation of subroutines until they are first called
  • Sub::Quote - efficient generation of subroutines via string eval
  • oo - syntactic sugar for Moo oneliners