Changes for version 0.9

  • Added push and pop functions for the presentation of the fmt templates to produce an hierarchical interface, much like common pop-up requesters.
  • Added README.compiled_fmt describing the special tags avalible in a compiled fmt.
  • <sql_val ...> added, which is used to select some arbetrary sql command and insert into fld.
  • <fld ...> and <fmt ..> now takes options as name=value which then are accessable in the below fmt as <var name>.
  • Added fld options makeing <fld file=filename field> the same as <fmt field>contetnt of file filenmae</fmt>. <fld file=filename> would be a normal file include.
  • Björn Ardö <> has added:
    • no_create option to N2N to prevet automatic linktable creation
    • $dbi->print_only debug mode (See HTMLView::DB man page)
    • Apache mod_perl support for compiled fmts
    • extra_{select,from,where} options to SubTab
  • Giuseppe Costantino <> has contributed with quite som additions, including:
    • Multilevel ordering in CGIListView
    • Easy to use filtering in CGIListView
    • Loggin of all database modifications, simply set a logfilename by $dbi->setlogfile('filename');
    • Oracle support, simply use OracelDB instead of mysqlDB or msqlDB
    • Client side javascript sainty checks fld and table specifik (see exmaple .js files)
    • Server side perl sainty checks in View.cgi, place in checkparam.
  • Speeded up seraches that returns a lot of data.
  • Added a new relationtype called SubTab allowing posts to contain a list of posts form a related table.
  • Added a short_add feature that lets you specify a fld that describes a add form which is placed at the bottom of the table listing (see for eaxmple).
  • Added a $opt param to the Table constructor to give a few options to it. Currently there are options for specifying which fields to view in a listing (flds_to_view), how many rows per page should be used (rows) and for the short_add feature described above.
  • Added support for searching multi level relations, eg Lnk->Link->testf=7.
  • Optimized fmt handling viewing an fmt with only fields are now 72% faster. The same optimations should be appliable for relations.
  • Added an Order fld that allows you to specify one order the posts can be displayed in.
  • Moved the viewer pointer to the DB class where it's accessable from everywhere as db->viewer. Which means you should add the following line to old View.cgi scripts before $v->view_html is called: if ($v->isa('DBIx::HTMLView::CGIView')) {$dbi->viewer($v);}
  • Added a N2NOrder field that relates a post to a set of posts from another table in a specifik order.
  • Added a compiler ( that compiles a fmt and a search string into a perlscript that executes up to 8 times faster than Formated2.cgi. Not all features are supported in compiled fmts though.
  • Added support to make abetrary selects from compiled fmts using <sql_select from=... where=... extra=...> construcst.
  • Added support for <fld ...> tags within <perl>...</perl> code in compiled fmt's.
  • Perl code in <perl>...</perl> tags are no longer executed with use strict vars, and all code are executed in the same context (package fmt_code).


Handling compiled HTMLView-fmt's as a mod_perl module in Apache
For handling DBI relation databases and web interfaces
A boolean field
A List user interface for DBI databases
A List user interface for DBI databases
A List user interface for DBI databases
A simple CGI editor for single posts
Common CGI functions for the viewers
A generic DBI databse with SQL interface
A simple date filed
Base class for field classes
Base class for field and relation classes
Basic parser for fmt strings and files
A index field used to identify posts
An integer field
A many to many relation between two tabels
A relation to a set of posts in a specific order
A many to one relation between two tabels
interface for Oracle databases through DBI
A Field specifying one order to display the posts in
A post in a DBI database
A set posts as in a search result for example
A relation base class
A kriteria used to select posts
A single line string filed
A table included as a part of a post in another table
A table within a generic DBI databse
A multi line string filed
interface for msql databases through DBI
interface for mysql databases through DBI


in HTMLView/
in Apache/
in HTMLView/