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Changes for version 1.8 - 1999-06-03

  • Now has support for an Apache module front-end, mod_speedycgi. This is a optional performance improvement -- it is not required in order to run SpeedyCGI under Apache. See apache/README for details.
  • Fix for initial_eof test bug on SGI-Irix.
  • New CGI:SpeedyCGI method "i_am_speedy" allows the script to tell whether it is running under SpeedyCGI
  • New CGI::SpeedyCGI methods "setopt" and "getopt" allow the script to set/get SpeedyCGI options at runtime.
  • Fix for bug in Solaris where SpeedyCGI options could not be passed in on the #! line.
  • Better documentation
  • Fix to make t/shutdown.t work before "make install" is done.


SpeedyCGI Apache module


Speed up CGI scripts by running them persistently