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Changes for version 2.0 - 2000-09-11

  • Use unix sockets instead of tcp sockets. Fixes the TIME_WAIT problem in 1.x releases.
  • When a backend hits MaxRuns it now re-execs itself. Setting MaxRuns to 1 allows pre-compilation of scripts that can't run persistently.
  • Cleaner implementation of MaxBackends using frontend queuing.
  • The backend is now a separate binary from the frontend.
  • mod_spedycgi is now a shared object (DSO).
  • Redesigned temp-file structure:
    • One temp-file for each user, used for all speedy processes running under that uid.
    • Track backends regardless of their state.
    • Two way queuing - backends waiting on frontends and frontends waiting on backends.
    • Support for multiple scripts running in a single interpreter. Not yet implemented in code.


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