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Changes for version 2.10 - 2001-01-31

  • Multiple scripts in one interpreter using the new Group option.
  • Reduce speedy exec time by removing all extraneous shared-libs
  • Make code smaller by adding ifdefs to separate frontend/backend code.
  • Speedy frontend now dies on sigpipe if it gets epipe on fd 1 or 2
  • The backend now always tracks the current directory of the frontend
  • New "register_cleanup" method
  • Build binaries for solaris and bsd ("make solpkg" and "make bsdpkg")
  • Bug fixes:
    • Changing mtime on a script could cause temp-file corruption
    • After hitting maxruns, backend was not chdir'ing to the right directory before exec'ing itself.


Speed up perl CGI scripts by running them persistently