Carl Franks
and 1 contributors

Changes for version 1.11

  • New Bool constraint.
  • New SingleValue constraint.
  • New $w->filter_all() and $w->constraint_all() methods add the named filters/constraints to all current form elements.
  • $w->find_elements() now supports the same arguments as $w->get_elements().
  • New render_errors() method on constraints, accepts a list of element names for which errors should be displayed by $r->as_xml.
  • Elements are allowed to have no name. No id or name will be displayed in the xml output .
  • When an Equal constraint fails, the first named element's value is no longer considered valid.
  • All elements associated with a failing Equal constraint receive an error. Use render_errors() to override this behaviour.
  • New HTML::Widget::Error method no_render(), used internally by $constraint->render_errors().
  • New F.A.Q. documentation section.
  • $result->param() carps if called with more than 1 argument (it's documented readonly).
  • element() called on a block element now accepts the same \%attributes argument as $widget->element().
  • Submit and Reset elements now inherit from Button element, so they share the same methods (value, content, src, type).
  • Fixed Range constraint bug when min/max is 0 (zero).
  • Fixed $widget->get_elements() bug, now both 'name' and 'type' arguments can be used together to limit the elements returned.
  • In constraint fixed so empty/missing values pass.
  • HTML::Element now escapes unicode properly - require v3.22 and stop skipping test
  • HTMLEscape filter test skipped due to incompatible changes in HTML::Element
  • Deprecated Maybe constraint
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