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Changes for version 2.82

  • Helios::Config - fix for [RT98284]. The getParam() method did not take the given host into account when deciding whether to retrieve a parameter value from the database or just use the cached version.
  • helios_job_submit.pl - fix for [RT98845]. The validateParamsXML() function was not returning undef if the XML arguments did not validate.
  • Helios::Error - Added JobTypeError and ObjectDriverError to the list of loaded exceptions.
  • Helios::Error::*, Bundle::Helios - Added 5.008, strict, and warnings pragmas for Kwalitee.
  • Documentation updates to helios_job_submit.pl (thanks @jscook!), helios_jobtype_info, helios_service_status
  • Refactored eg/ examples to use Helios::App::* namespace, preventing CPAN namespace pollution.