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Lingua::RU::Antimat - Perl Module for removal Russian slang from chat, guestbooks, etc.


use POSIX qw(locale_h);

use Lingua::RU::Antimat;

use locale;


$dirty_text='text with slang';

$mat= Lingua::RU::Antimat->new;

#load dictionary with additional words





Detailed Russian documentation and tutorial available on


This module will remove Russian slang from a string. 'Mat' is Russian name for such bad words and that is why this module is called Antimat.


This method creates a new object and returns it. If new() is called without any arguments, the module will use templates for text in encoding win-1251. If your text in encoding KOI8-R set $codepage equal 'koi8'.


$mat=Lingua::RU::Antimat->new; #for text in win-1251

$mat=Lingua::RU::Antimat->new('koi8'); #for text in KOI8-R


Method remove_slang takes string and returns string where all bad words replaced on Russian analog 'bip' or string you set in method set_bip which is described later.


Method detect_slang takes string and returns boolean value. This value equal 1 if there is bad word in the string and 0 if there is no such words in the string.


Set the string (usually word) which will replace bad words in method remove_slang.


$mat->set_bip(''); #let strip out slang

$mat->set_bip('I am sorry!'); #long but also correct


This method loads dictionary with additional bad words. Each string in the dictionary should be a word or regular expression. $file could be relative or absolute path to the dictionary.


Detailed Russian documentation on

perllocale manpage


Andrey Skorohod, for his bug reports. Vladimir Zhdanov, for his bug report. Andrey Sharapov, for his suggestions. Yury Voloshin, for his bug report and suggestions.



Ilya Soldatkin,

Drop me a line if you deploy this module on your site. Think about this as a small contribution to my efforts for writing and supporting this module. I can not improve this module if I will know that no one uses it.


Copyright 2001-2003 Ilya Soldatkin. All rights reserved.

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.