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Paul Evans
IO::Async - Asynchronous event-driven programming
IO::Async::Channel - pass values into or out from an IO::Async::Routine
IO::Async::ChildManager - facilitates the execution of child processes
IO::Async::File - watch a file for changes
IO::Async::FileStream - read the tail of a file
IO::Async::Function - call a function asynchronously
IO::Async::Future - use Future with IO::Async
IO::Async::Handle - event callbacks for a non-blocking file descriptor
IO::Async::Listener - listen on network sockets for incoming connections
IO::Async::Loop - core loop of the IO::Async framework
IO::Async::Loop::Poll - use IO::Async with poll(2)
IO::Async::Loop::Select - use IO::Async with select(2)
IO::Async::LoopTests - acceptance testing for IO::Async::Loop subclasses
IO::Async::MergePoint - resynchronise diverged control flow
IO::Async::Notifier - base class for IO::Async event objects
IO::Async::OS - operating system abstractions for IO::Async
IO::Async::OS::MSWin32 - operating system abstractions on MSWin32 for IO::Async
IO::Async::OS::cygwin - operating system abstractions on cygwin for IO::Async
IO::Async::PID - event callback on exit of a child process
IO::Async::Process - start and manage a child process
IO::Async::Protocol - base class for transport-based protocols
IO::Async::Protocol::LineStream - stream-based protocols using lines of text
IO::Async::Protocol::Stream - base class for stream-based protocols
IO::Async::Resolver - performing name resolutions asynchronously
IO::Async::Routine - execute code in an independent sub-process or thread
IO::Async::Signal - event callback on receipt of a POSIX signal
IO::Async::Socket - event callbacks and send buffering for a socket filehandle
IO::Async::Stream - event callbacks and write bufering for a stream filehandle
IO::Async::Test - utility functions for use in test scripts
IO::Async::Timer - base class for Notifiers that use timed delays
IO::Async::Timer::Absolute - event callback at a fixed future time
IO::Async::Timer::Countdown - event callback after a fixed delay
IO::Async::Timer::Periodic - event callback at regular intervals
Changes for version 0.63
    • Cygwin needs the SELECT_CONNECT_EVEC OS hint as well
    • Probe for a broken port to perform listen() tests on by using ReuseAddr => 1 so it matches what IO::Async will do (RT84051)
    • Allow Notifier subclasses to last-ditch handle unrecognised ->configure() params
    • Added $notifier->adopt_future
    • Added $notifier->invoke_error and 'on_error' event
    • Ensure that TimeQueue inserts in FIFO order for equal timestamps
    • Kill remaining docs to long-dead IO::Async::Sequencer

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