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Steffen Ullrich
IO::Socket::SSL - SSL sockets with IO::Socket interface
IO::Socket::SSL::Intercept - SSL interception (man in the middle)
IO::Socket::SSL::PublicSuffix - provide access to Mozillas list of effective TLD names
IO::Socket::SSL::Utils - loading, storing, creating certificates and keys
IO::Socket::SSL in lib/IO/Socket/SSL.pm
IO::Socket::SSL::OCSP_Cache in lib/IO/Socket/SSL.pm
IO::Socket::SSL::OCSP_Resolver in lib/IO/Socket/SSL.pm
IO::Socket::SSL::Session_Cache in lib/IO/Socket/SSL.pm
IO::Socket::SSL::SSL_Context in lib/IO/Socket/SSL.pm
IO::Socket::SSL::SSL_HANDLE in lib/IO/Socket/SSL.pm
Changes for version 1.994
    • IO::Socket::SSL can now be used as dual-use socket, e.g. start plain, upgrade to SSL and downgrade again all with the same object. See documentation of SSL_startHandshake and chapter Advanced Usage.
    • try to apply SSL_ca* even if verify_mode is 0, but don't complain if this fails. This is needed if one wants to explicitly verify OCSP lookups even if verification is otherwise off, because otherwise the signature check would fail. This is mostly useful for testing.
    • reorder documentation of attributes for new, so that the more important ones are at the top.

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