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computes a DKIM signature for an email message


Signs/verifies Internet mail with DKIM/DomainKey signatures
base class for DKIM "algorithms"
implements the rsa-sha1 signing algorithm for DKIM
implements the rsa-sha256 signing algorithm for DKIM
base class for canonicalization methods
common canonicalization methods
a DomainKeys signature header
implements DKIM Sender Signing Practices records
represents a DomainKeys sender signing policy
encapsulates a DKIM signature header
generates a DKIM signature for a message
determines signing parameters for a message
verifies a DKIM-signed message


in lib/Mail/DKIM/Algorithm/dk_rsa_sha1.pm
in lib/Mail/DKIM/Canonicalization/DkCommon.pm
in lib/Mail/DKIM/Canonicalization/dk_nofws.pm
in lib/Mail/DKIM/Canonicalization/dk_simple.pm
in lib/Mail/DKIM/Canonicalization/nowsp.pm
in lib/Mail/DKIM/Canonicalization/relaxed.pm
in lib/Mail/DKIM/Canonicalization/simple.pm
in lib/Mail/DKIM/Common.pm
in lib/Mail/DKIM/DNS.pm
in lib/Mail/DKIM/Key.pm
in lib/Mail/DKIM/KeyValueList.pm
in lib/Mail/DKIM/MessageParser.pm
in lib/Mail/DKIM/PrivateKey.pm
in lib/Mail/DKIM/PublicKey.pm
in lib/Mail/DKIM/TextWrap.pm