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Changes for version 2.52 - 2007-09-14

  • Fixed the overloading setup in Geo::ShapeFile::Point to keep it from failing the tests caused by recent changes in Test::Builder (it was definitely my bug though, don't blame the excellent Test modules for it!) This bug was reported by Hermann Schwaerzler, Andrew Koebrick, Celia Mackie, Andrew McGregor, and probably a lot of other folks (you can thank all these people for release 2.52, it was this bug that clued me in how many people were actually using the package, I hadn't intended to do another release until 3.00 was ready to go.)
  • FINALLY fixed the (hopefully last of) the big-endian problem. I hadn't planeed to include this in this release, as I was still trying to figure out how to fix it, but while going through my Geo::ShapeFile related mail to see if there were any other little problems reported that I could include, I discovered a wonderful patch that had been sent to me some time ago by Jerry Leibold, which had somehow fallen through the cracks. My apologies for taking 2 years to get this fixed, but every time I tried to figure out a solution I was stymied by my lack of big-endian hardware (not to mention the fact that my day job hasn't included mapping for several years, so I have precious little free time to spend on maintaining Geo::ShapeFile, and most of that time I've been putting into version 3.00) This problem was also reported by Josh Narins and probably other people whose emails I have since misplaced.
  • Reorganized the package layout a bit, so you can do 'prove -vl t' in the distribution directory now.
  • Roger Crew pointed out that the centroid of a polygonal area is different from the centroid of its vertices, and contributed a new area_centroid() method for Geo::ShapeFile::Shape. I renamed the existing centroid() method to vertex_centroid(), although for the time being, centroid() is an alias to vertex_centroid().
  • Roger Crew also contributed a contains_point() method for Geo::ShapeFile::Shape that determines whether a given point falls within the interior of the shape. Miroslav Suchy also contributed a similar method, but I used Roger's because it didn't add any more external dependencies.
  • Fixed an argument ordering bug in Geo::ShapeFile::bounds_contains_point (also reported by Roger Crew, thanks for the all the help Roger!)


Perl extension for handling ESRI GIS Shapefiles.
Geo::ShapeFile utility class.
Geo::ShapeFile utility class.