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Changes for version 0.9.4

  • Don't bump row count when row spans a page. Closes #67401.
  • Fixed bug: don't call text_block if record width is exactly cell width.
  • Fixed bug in text_block: bottom is (top - height), not (baseline - height).
  • Example script typo fixed. Closes #55133.
  • Don't set up strokes when border is 0. Apparently breaks Acrobat. Closes #40705 and #55137.
  • Changed print warnings to carp. Closes #38007.
  • Added center justification for columns and cells. Tests, too. Closes #37924.
  • Fixed infinite loop caused by uninitialized $2. Thanks to Petri Kaurinkoski. Closes #34017.
  • Fixed perl warning if $col_prop->{min_w} is undef. Thanks to Matthias Pitzl (NEPOS). Closes #30720.
  • Fixed default header background color bug, closes #28542.
  • Added mock PDF::API2 packages to test script and added tests.
  • Improve column width calculations so wider content gets wider columns. Added column width test. Thanks to Barrie Slaymaker (RBS). Closes #26158.


A utility class for building table layouts in a PDF::API2 object.