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Changes for version 0.28

  • Win32API::Registry and Win32::TieRegistry modules have been removed; they are maintained independently on CPAN.
  • Bundle::libwin32 has been added. Installing this bundle via the CPAN shell will install all the modules that used to be part of libwin32 (currently Win32, Win32API::File, Win32API::Registry and Win32::TieRegistry in addition to libwin32 itself).


What's new in Win32::OLE


Perl interface to the Windows NT LanManager API account management functions.
install all modules that make up the libwin32 bundle
Monitor events related to files and directories
Interaction with the Windows clipboard
Win32 Console and Character Mode Functions
Use Win32 event objects from Perl
Process Win32 Event Logs from Perl
manage file attributes in perl
manage FileSecurity Discretionary Access Control Lists in perl
Base class for Win32 synchronization objects
Access to WININET.DLL functions
Run sub-processes in a "job" environment
Use Win32 mutex objects from Perl
manage network groups and users in perl
manage network resources in perl
ODBC Extension for Win32
OLE Automation extensions
Extract constant definitions from TypeLib
OLE Automation Collection Objects
OLE National Language Support
Create and modify OLE VARIANT variables
accessing the Windows NT Performance Counter
Win32 Named Pipe
Create and manipulate processes.
accessing the Windows registry [obsolete, use Win32::TieRegistry]
Use Win32 semaphore objects from Perl
manage system services in perl
An extension to play with Windows sounds


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