Changes for version v1.1.1 - 2024-01-05

  • Correcting minor issue with the use of constants in unit tests (Gitlab #2)
  • Correcting an oversight (bug) in DB::Object::Postgres::Query in method on_conflict()
  • Correcting number formatting (Gitlab #1)


ALL Operator Object
AND Operator Object
ANY Operator Object
Expression Object
IN Operator Object
NOT Operator Object
OR Operator Object
Operator Object


Table Check Constraint Class
Table Foreign Key Constraint Class
Table Index Constraint Class
Tables Fields Object Accessor
Table Field Object
Overloaded Field Class
Unknown Field Class
Mysql Database Object
Query Object for MySQL
Statement Object for MySQL
MySQL Table Object
Placeholder Object
Query Object for PostgreSQL
PostgreSQL Statement Object
PostgreSQL Table Object
Query Object
SQL Query Clause Object
Database Object Interface
Query Elements Manipulation Class
DB Object SQLite Driver
SQLite Query Object
SQLite Statement Object
SQLite Table Object
Statement Object
Database Table Object


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in lib/DB/
in lib/DB/
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in lib/DB/
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