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Jesse Erlbaum
CGI::Application - Framework for building reusable web-applications
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Changes for version 3.1
    • Changed dump_html default run-mode to be referenced by name instead of sub-ref. This allows dump_html() to be overridden in sub-class.
    • Added current run-mode to output of dump() and dump_html(). (Thanks to Mark Stosberg for the suggestion.)
    • Added example of doing an HTTP redirect (suggested by Sam Tregar)
    • Fixed bug where non-CGI.pm query objects couldn't be set at initialization time via the new() method. (Thanks to Steve Hay for the catch.)
    • Added header_type("none") to surpress HTTP header output. (Thanks to Steve Comrie for the suggestion.)
    • Numerous typos corrected in POD.
    • Added cgiapp_postrun() hook. This hook allows run-mode output to be "pipelined" through optional filters, modifying the content and HTTP headers if so desired.

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