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$Format: "* Version $DevelMemoRelease$"$
* Version 0.004

* Description

Devel::Memo permits you to create function objects (i.e. blessed code-refs
which can be bound to subroutine cells) which are called exactly like a
regular subroutine (which you supply), but which memoize their arguments and
results with each invocation, so that unnecessary recomputation is
avoided. Internally, the FreezeThaw module is used to assist in the caching.

* DLSI Synopsis

Devel::Memo			Memoized functions.				adpO

* Installation

perl Makefile.PL && make all test install

* Prerequisites

FreezeThaw, available on CPAN (in ILYAZ's etext package). Test::Helper
is needed (authors/id/JGLICK) for running the test suite.

* Author

Jesse Glick <jglick@sig.bsh.com>