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Appropriate format for patches to the perl source tree
Notes on handling the Perl Patch Pumpkin And Porting Perl
Using the Perl repository
a detailed document on Encode and PerlIO
Encodings supported by Encode
Perl and Java
article about software localization
libnet Frequently Asked Questions
Test of various basic POD features in translators.
A tutorial about writing really basic tests
Interfaces to some Win32 API Functions
Practical Extraction and Report Language
what's new for perl5.004
what's new for perl5.005
what's new for perl v5.6.x
what's new for perl v5.6.0
what's new for perl v5.7.0
what's new for perl v5.7.1
what's new for perl v5.7.2
autogenerated documentation for the perl public API
perl's IO abstraction interface.
Perl book information
Beginner's Object-Oriented Tutorial
Bag'o Object Tricks (the BOT)
Perl calling conventions from C
Internal replacements for standard C library functions
Introduction to the Perl Compiler-Translator
Perl data types
Perl DBM Filters
Guts of Perl debugging
Perl debugging tutorial
Perl debugging
what is new for perl v5.8.0
various Perl diagnostics
Perl Data Structures Cookbook
Considerations for running Perl on EBCDIC platforms
how to embed perl in your C program
frequently asked questions about Perl ($Date: 2002/03/11 21:32:23 $)
General Questions About Perl ($Revision: 1.8 $, $Date: 2002/04/07 18:46:13 $)
Obtaining and Learning about Perl ($Revision: 1.13 $, $Date: 2002/04/26 16:56:35 $)
Programming Tools ($Revision: 1.22 $, $Date: 2002/05/06 13:11:13 $)
Data Manipulation ($Revision: 1.25 $, $Date: 2002/05/30 07:04:25 $)
Files and Formats ($Revision: 1.18 $, $Date: 2002/05/30 07:04:25 $)
Regular Expressions ($Revision: 1.12 $, $Date: 2002/06/01 22:31:09 $)
General Perl Language Issues ($Revision: 1.8 $, $Date: 2002/03/26 15:48:32 $)
System Interaction ($Revision: 1.8 $, $Date: 2002/05/16 12:41:42 $)
Networking ($Revision: 1.9 $, $Date: 2002/04/07 18:46:13 $)
Source Filters
Perl's fork() emulation
Perl formats
Perl builtin functions
Introduction to the Perl API
How to hack at the Perl internals
the Perl history records
autogenerated documentation of purely internal Perl functions
a brief introduction and overview of Perl
C API for Perl's implementation of IO in Layers.
Perl interprocess communication (signals, fifos, pipes, safe subprocesses, sockets, and semaphores)
Perl Lexical Warnings
Perl locale handling (internationalization and localization)
Manipulating Arrays of Arrays in Perl
Perl modules (packages and symbol tables)
Installing CPAN Modules
constructing new Perl modules and finding existing ones
Perl module style guide
preparing a new module for distribution
semantics of numbers and numeric operations in Perl
Perl objects
Perl operators and precedence
tutorial on opening things in Perl
old tutorial on threads in Perl
tutorial on pack and unpack
the Plain Old Documentation format
Plain Old Documentation: format specification and notes
Writing portable Perl
Perl regular expressions
Perl references and nested data structures
Mark's very short tutorial about references
Perl regular expressions quick start
Perl regular expressions tutorial
how to execute the Perl interpreter
Perl security
Perl style guide
Perl subroutines
Perl syntax
tutorial on threads in Perl
how to hide an object class in a simple variable
perl documentation table of contents
Perl TO-DO List
Tom's OO Tutorial for Class Data in Perl
Tom's object-oriented tutorial for perl
Perl traps for the unwary
Unicode support in Perl
Perl Unicode introduction
utilities packaged with the Perl distribution
Perl predefined variables
XS language reference manual
Tutorial for writing XSUBs
VMS-specific documentation for Perl
Awk to Perl translator


Backward compatibility module for CGI.pm
Backward compatibility module for defunct CGI::Switch
programmatic interface to the Perl debugging API (draft, subject to change)


in lib/AnyDBM_File.pm
in lib/Attribute/Handlers.pm
in lib/AutoLoader.pm
in lib/AutoSplit.pm
in ext/B/B.pm
in ext/B/B/Asmdata.pm
in ext/B/B/Assembler.pm
in ext/B/B/Bblock.pm
in ext/B/B/Bytecode.pm
in ext/B/B/C.pm
in ext/B/B/C.pm
in ext/B/B/C.pm
in ext/B/B/CC.pm
in ext/B/B/Concise.pm
in ext/B/B/Debug.pm
in ext/B/B/Deparse.pm
in ext/B/B/Disassembler.pm
in ext/B/B/Disassembler.pm
in ext/B/B/Lint.pm
in ext/B/B.pm
in ext/B/B/CC.pm
in ext/B/B.pm
in ext/B/B/CC.pm
in ext/B/B/Showlex.pm
in ext/B/B/Stackobj.pm
in ext/B/B/Stash.pm
in ext/B/B/Terse.pm
in ext/B/B/Xref.pm
in lib/Benchmark.pm
in ext/ByteLoader/ByteLoader.pm
in lib/CGI.pm
in lib/CGI/Carp.pm
in lib/CGI/Cookie.pm
in lib/CGI/Fast.pm
in lib/CGI/Pretty.pm
in lib/CGI/Push.pm
in lib/CGI/Util.pm
in lib/CGI.pm
in lib/CPAN.pm
in lib/CPAN.pm
in lib/CPAN.pm
in lib/CPAN.pm
in lib/CPAN.pm
in lib/CPAN.pm
in lib/CPAN.pm
in lib/CPAN.pm
in lib/CPAN.pm
in lib/CPAN.pm
in lib/CPAN.pm
in lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm
in lib/CPAN.pm
in lib/CPAN.pm
in lib/CPAN.pm
in lib/CPAN/FirstTime.pm
in lib/CPAN.pm
in lib/CPAN/Nox.pm
in lib/CPAN.pm
in lib/CPAN.pm
in lib/CPAN.pm
in lib/CPAN.pm
in lib/Carp.pm
in lib/Carp/Heavy.pm
in lib/Class/ISA.pm
in lib/Class/Struct.pm
in lib/Class/Struct.pm
in lib/Cwd.pm
in ext/DB_File/DB_File.pm
in ext/DB_File/DB_File.pm
in ext/DB_File/DB_File.pm
in ext/DB_File/DB_File.pm
in ext/Data/Dumper/Dumper.pm
in lib/Attribute/Handlers/demo/Demo.pm
in lib/Attribute/Handlers/demo/Descriptions.pm
in ext/Devel/DProf/DProf.pm
in ext/Devel/PPPort/PPPort.pm
in ext/Devel/Peek/Peek.pm
in lib/Devel/SelfStubber.pm
in lib/Digest.pm
in ext/Digest/MD5/MD5.pm
in lib/DirHandle.pm
in lib/Dumpvalue.pm
in lib/ExtUtils/Mkbootstrap.pm
in ext/Encode/Encode.pm
in ext/Encode/lib/Encode/Alias.pm
in ext/Encode/Byte/Byte.pm
in ext/Encode/lib/Encode/CJKConstants.pm
in ext/Encode/CN/CN.pm
in ext/Encode/lib/Encode/CN/HZ.pm
in ext/Encode/lib/Encode/Config.pm
in ext/Encode/EBCDIC/EBCDIC.pm
in ext/Encode/lib/Encode/Encoder.pm
in ext/Encode/lib/Encode/Encoding.pm
in ext/Encode/lib/Encode/Guess.pm
in ext/Encode/Encode.pm
in ext/Encode/JP/JP.pm
in ext/Encode/lib/Encode/JP/H2Z.pm
in ext/Encode/lib/Encode/JP/JIS7.pm
in ext/Encode/KR/KR.pm
in ext/Encode/lib/Encode/KR/2022_KR.pm
in ext/Encode/lib/Encode/MIME/Header.pm
in ext/Encode/Symbol/Symbol.pm
in ext/Encode/TW/TW.pm
in ext/Encode/Encode.pm
in ext/Encode/Unicode/Unicode.pm
in ext/Encode/Encode.pm
in lib/English.pm
in lib/Env.pm
in lib/Env.pm
in lib/Env.pm
in lib/Exporter.pm
in lib/Exporter/Heavy.pm
in lib/ExtUtils/Command.pm
in lib/ExtUtils/Command/MM.pm
in lib/ExtUtils/Constant.pm
in lib/ExtUtils/Embed.pm
in lib/ExtUtils/Install.pm
in lib/ExtUtils/Install.pm
in lib/ExtUtils/Installed.pm
in lib/ExtUtils/Liblist.pm
in lib/ExtUtils/Liblist/Kid.pm
in lib/ExtUtils/MM.pm
in lib/ExtUtils/MM_Any.pm
in lib/ExtUtils/MM_BeOS.pm
in lib/ExtUtils/MM_Cygwin.pm
in lib/ExtUtils/MM_DOS.pm
in lib/ExtUtils/MM_MacOS.pm
in lib/ExtUtils/MM_NW5.pm
in lib/ExtUtils/MM_OS2.pm
in lib/ExtUtils/MM_UWIN.pm
in lib/ExtUtils/MM_Unix.pm
in lib/ExtUtils/MM_VMS.pm
in lib/ExtUtils/MM_Win32.pm
in lib/ExtUtils/MM_Win95.pm
in lib/ExtUtils/MY.pm
in lib/ExtUtils/MakeMaker.pm
in lib/ExtUtils/MM_Unix.pm
in lib/ExtUtils/Manifest.pm
in lib/ExtUtils/Mkbootstrap.pm
in lib/ExtUtils/Mksymlists.pm
in lib/ExtUtils/Packlist.pm
in vms/ext/XSSymSet.pm
in lib/ExtUtils/testlib.pm
in lib/Fatal.pm
in ext/Fcntl/Fcntl.pm
in lib/CGI.pm
in lib/File/Basename.pm
in lib/File/CheckTree.pm
in lib/File/Compare.pm
in lib/File/Copy.pm
in lib/File/DosGlob.pm
in lib/File/Find.pm
in ext/File/Glob/Glob.pm
in lib/File/Path.pm
in lib/File/Spec.pm
in lib/File/Spec/Cygwin.pm
in lib/File/Spec/Epoc.pm
in lib/File/Spec/Functions.pm
in lib/File/Spec/Mac.pm
in lib/File/Spec/OS2.pm
in lib/File/Spec/Unix.pm
in lib/File/Spec/VMS.pm
in lib/File/Spec/Win32.pm
in lib/File/Temp.pm
in lib/File/stat.pm
in lib/FileCache.pm
in lib/FileHandle.pm
in lib/Filter/Simple.pm
in ext/Filter/Util/Call/Call.pm
in lib/FindBin.pm
in win32/FindExt.pm
in ext/GDBM_File/GDBM_File.pm
in lib/Getopt/Long.pm
in lib/Getopt/Long.pm
in lib/Getopt/Std.pm
in lib/Hash/Util.pm
in lib/I18N/Collate.pm
in lib/I18N/LangTags.pm
in lib/I18N/LangTags/List.pm
in ext/I18N/Langinfo/Langinfo.pm
in ext/IO/IO.pm
in ext/IO/lib/IO/Dir.pm
in ext/IO/lib/IO/File.pm
in ext/IO/lib/IO/Handle.pm
in ext/IO/lib/IO/Pipe.pm
in ext/IO/lib/IO/Pipe.pm
in ext/IO/lib/IO/Poll.pm
in ext/IO/lib/IO/Seekable.pm
in ext/IO/lib/IO/Select.pm
in ext/IO/lib/IO/Socket.pm
in ext/IO/lib/IO/Socket/INET.pm
in ext/IO/lib/IO/Socket/UNIX.pm
in ext/IPC/SysV/Msg.pm
in ext/IPC/SysV/Msg.pm
in lib/IPC/Open2.pm
in lib/IPC/Open3.pm
in ext/IPC/SysV/Semaphore.pm
in ext/IPC/SysV/Semaphore.pm
in ext/IPC/SysV/SysV.pm
in jpl/JNI/JNI.pm
in jpl/JPL/AutoLoader.pm
in jpl/JPL/Class.pm
in jpl/JPL/Compile.pm
in ext/List/Util/lib/List/Util.pm
in lib/Locale/Constants.pm
in lib/Locale/Country.pm
in lib/Locale/Currency.pm
in lib/Locale/Language.pm
in lib/Locale/Maketext.pm
in lib/Locale/Script.pm
in ext/MIME/Base64/Base64.pm
in ext/MIME/Base64/QuotedPrint.pm
in lib/ExtUtils/MM.pm
in lib/ExtUtils/MY.pm
in lib/Math/BigFloat.pm
in lib/Math/BigFloat/Trace.pm
in lib/Math/BigInt.pm
in lib/Math/BigInt/Calc.pm
in lib/Math/BigInt/Trace.pm
in lib/Math/BigRat.pm
in lib/Math/Complex.pm
in lib/Math/Trig.pm
in lib/Memoize.pm
in lib/Memoize/AnyDBM_File.pm
in lib/Memoize/Expire.pm
in lib/Memoize/ExpireFile.pm
in lib/Memoize/ExpireTest.pm
in lib/Memoize/NDBM_File.pm
in lib/Memoize/SDBM_File.pm
in lib/Memoize/Storable.pm
in lib/CGI.pm
in lib/Attribute/Handlers/demo/MyClass.pm
in ext/NDBM_File/NDBM_File.pm
in lib/NEXT.pm
in lib/NEXT.pm
in lib/NEXT.pm
in lib/NEXT.pm
in lib/NEXT.pm
in lib/Net/Cmd.pm
in lib/Net/Config.pm
in lib/Net/Domain.pm
in lib/Net/FTP.pm
in lib/Net/FTP/A.pm
in lib/Net/FTP/E.pm
in lib/Net/FTP/I.pm
in lib/Net/FTP/L.pm
in lib/Net/FTP/dataconn.pm
in lib/Net/NNTP.pm
in lib/Net/Netrc.pm
in lib/Net/POP3.pm
in lib/Net/Ping.pm
in lib/Net/SMTP.pm
in lib/Net/Time.pm
in lib/Net/hostent.pm
in lib/Net/netent.pm
in lib/Net/protoent.pm
in lib/Net/servent.pm
in ext/B/O.pm
in ext/ODBM_File/ODBM_File.pm
in os2/OS2/REXX/DLL/DLL.pm
in os2/OS2/ExtAttr/ExtAttr.pm
in os2/OS2/PrfDB/PrfDB.pm
in os2/OS2/PrfDB/PrfDB.pm
in os2/OS2/PrfDB/PrfDB.pm
in os2/OS2/Process/Process.pm
in os2/OS2/REXX/REXX.pm
in os2/OS2/REXX/REXX.pm
in os2/OS2/REXX/REXX.pm
in os2/OS2/REXX/REXX.pm
in os2/OS2/Process/Process.pm
in ext/Opcode/Opcode.pm
in ext/POSIX/POSIX.pm
in lib/PerlIO.pm
in ext/PerlIO/encoding/encoding.pm
in ext/PerlIO/scalar/scalar.pm
in ext/PerlIO/via/via.pm
in lib/PerlIO/via/QuotedPrint.pm
in lib/Pod/ParseUtils.pm
in lib/Pod/ParseUtils.pm
in lib/Pod/Checker.pm
in lib/Pod/Find.pm
in lib/Pod/Functions.pm
in lib/Pod/Html.pm
in lib/Pod/ParseUtils.pm
in lib/Pod/InputObjects.pm
in lib/Pod/InputObjects.pm
in lib/Pod/InputObjects.pm
in lib/Pod/LaTeX.pm
in lib/Pod/ParseUtils.pm
in lib/Pod/Man.pm
in lib/Pod/InputObjects.pm
in lib/Pod/ParseLink.pm
in lib/Pod/InputObjects.pm
in lib/Pod/ParseUtils.pm
in lib/Pod/Parser.pm
in lib/Pod/Plainer.pm
in lib/Pod/Select.pm
in lib/Pod/Text.pm
in lib/Pod/Text/Color.pm
in lib/Pod/Text/Overstrike.pm
in lib/Pod/Text/Termcap.pm
in lib/Pod/Usage.pm
in ext/SDBM_File/SDBM_File.pm
in ext/Opcode/Safe.pm
in ext/List/Util/lib/Scalar/Util.pm
in lib/Search/Dict.pm
in lib/SelectSaver.pm
in lib/SelfLoader.pm
in lib/Shell.pm
in ext/Socket/Socket.pm
in ext/Storable/Storable.pm
in lib/Switch.pm
in lib/Symbol.pm
in ext/Sys/Hostname/Hostname.pm
in ext/Sys/Syslog/Syslog.pm
in lib/Term/ANSIColor.pm
in lib/Term/Cap.pm
in lib/Term/Complete.pm
in lib/Term/ReadLine.pm
in lib/Term/ReadLine.pm
in lib/Term/ReadLine.pm
in lib/Term/ReadLine.pm
in lib/Test.pm
in lib/Test/Builder.pm
in lib/Test/Harness.pm
in lib/Test/Harness/Assert.pm
in lib/Test/Harness/Iterator.pm
in lib/Test/Harness/Iterator.pm
in lib/Test/Harness/Iterator.pm
in lib/Test/Harness/Straps.pm
in lib/Test/More.pm
in lib/Test/Simple.pm
in lib/Text/Abbrev.pm
in lib/Text/Balanced.pm
in lib/Text/Balanced.pm
in lib/Text/Balanced.pm
in lib/Text/ParseWords.pm
in lib/Text/Soundex.pm
in lib/Text/Tabs.pm
in lib/Text/Wrap.pm
in lib/Thread.pm
in lib/Thread/Queue.pm
in lib/Thread/Semaphore.pm
in ext/Thread/Thread/Signal.pm
in ext/Thread/Thread/Specific.pm
in lib/Tie/Array.pm
in lib/Tie/Hash.pm
in lib/Tie/File.pm
in lib/Tie/File.pm
in lib/Tie/File.pm
in lib/Tie/Handle.pm
in lib/Tie/Hash.pm
in lib/Tie/Memoize.pm
in lib/Tie/RefHash.pm
in lib/Tie/RefHash.pm
in lib/Tie/Scalar.pm
in lib/Tie/Array.pm
in lib/Tie/Handle.pm
in lib/Tie/Hash.pm
in lib/Tie/Scalar.pm
in lib/Tie/SubstrHash.pm
in ext/Time/HiRes/HiRes.pm
in lib/Time/Local.pm
in lib/Time/gmtime.pm
in lib/Time/localtime.pm
in lib/Time/tm.pm
in lib/UNIVERSAL.pm
in lib/Unicode/Collate.pm
in ext/Unicode/Normalize/Normalize.pm
in lib/Unicode/UCD.pm
in lib/User/grent.pm
in lib/User/pwent.pm
in vms/ext/DCLsym/DCLsym.pm
in vms/ext/Filespec.pm
in vms/ext/Stdio/Stdio.pm
in vms/ext/Stdio/Stdio.pm
in ext/XS/APItest/APItest.pm
in ext/XS/Typemap/Typemap.pm
in lib/attributes.pm
in ext/attrs/attrs.pm
in lib/autouse.pm
in lib/base.pm
in lib/bigint.pm
in lib/bignum.pm
in lib/bigrat.pm
in lib/blib.pm
in lib/bytes.pm
in lib/charnames.pm
in lib/constant.pm
in lib/diagnostics.pm
in ext/Encode/encoding.pm
in lib/fields.pm
in lib/filetest.pm
in lib/if.pm
in lib/integer.pm
in jpl/JPL/AutoLoader.pm
in lib/less.pm
in lib/locale.pm
in lib/open.pm
in ext/Opcode/ops.pm
in lib/overload.pm
in ext/re/re.pm
in lib/sigtrap.pm
in lib/sort.pm
in lib/strict.pm
in lib/subs.pm
in ext/threads/threads.pm
in ext/threads/shared/shared.pm
in lib/utf8.pm
in lib/vars.pm
in lib/vmsish.pm
in lib/warnings.pm
in lib/warnings/register.pm

Other files