Author image Jean-Michel Hiver

Changes for version 2.00

  • This version *can* break backwards compatibility
  • Simple re-release of 1.10_09 which seems stable

Changes for version 1.10_09

  • Fixed CodeGenerator not backslashing backslashes properly
  • Fixed repeat/end bug
  • Added warning in case of weird-looking 'attributes' statement

Changes for version 1.10_08

  • Fixed metal:use-macro not being parsed in XHTML output mode
  • Fixed unnecessary warning

Changes for version 1.10_07

  • Added incomplete METAL implementation

Changes for version 1.10_06

  • Uncommented TAINT stuff (again!)
  • Refactored to work with MKDoc::XML 0.60
  • Changed decode_backslash_semicolon mechanism
  • Fixed Petal dying on <--! <?pi?> --> comments
  • Fixed generate_events_comment incorrectly encoding entities

Changes for version 1.10_05

  • Changed the rules for when HTML entities are decoded

Changes for version 1.10_04

  • Fixed infinite recursion on non-existent modifiers

Changes for version 1.10_03

  • Fixed File::Spec use of uninitialized values
  • Fixed somehow broken Petal::_process_absolutize_pathes()
  • Fixed entities test running nothing when using perl 5.6.x

Changes for version 1.10_02

  • Changed Petal to ignore Encode if Perl < 5.007
  • Fixed a @BASE_DIR inconsistency in process()
  • Fixed potential caching bug on non Unix platforms

Changes for version 1.10_01

  • Changed Petal's parsing backend to MKDoc::XML::TreeBuilder
  • Added prefixes in path expressions, i.e. /foo/var:bar
  • Refactored Petal's use of the Encode module


Perl Template Attribute Language - TAL for Perl!
Test and Tutorial Petal modifier


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