Changes for version 4.00 - 2020-06-08

  • JSON::Validator::schema() now holds a JSON::Validator::Schema object instead of Mojo::JSON::Pointer
  • Add schema classes for Draft4, Draft6 and Draft7
  • Add "duration" and "uuid" formats #210
  • Fix coercing boolean "false" #215
  • Fix not matching "null" should also be a "type" error #217
  • Deprecated JSON::Validator::joi()
  • Deprecated JSON::Validator::singleton()
  • Deprecated JSON::Validator::validate_json()
  • Deprecated JSON::Validator::version()
  • Removed JSON::Validator::generate_definitions_path()
  • Removed support for JSON::Validator::bundle({ref_key => ...})


Validate data against a JSON schema
JSON::Validator error object
Functions for validating JSON schema formats
Joi validation sugar for JSON::Validator
JSON::Validator $ref representation
Base class for JSON::Validator schemas
JSON-Schema Draft 4
JSON-Schema Draft 6
JSON-Schema Draft 7
Utility functions for JSON::Validator