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Changes for version 0.021 - 2024-05-10

  • Leave the status of a span unset on success responses in the HTTP::Tiny and LWP::UserAgent integrations. This behaviour matches the OpenTelemetry specification.
  • Fixed an issue in the HTTP::Tiny integration where the content size of requests with a content callback was incorrectly reported. It is now not reported at all.
  • Expand and update documentation of HTTP integrations.


Utility package with shared functions for OpenTelemetry
OpenTelemetry integration for a namespace


A Perl implementation of the OpenTelemetry standard
A common role for OpenTelemetry classes with attributes
Records and propagates baggage in a distributed trace
Constants used by OpenTelemetry
A context class for OpenTelemetry
Abstract interface of an OpenTelemetry exporter
Top-level interface for OpenTelemetry integrations
OpenTelemetry integration for DBI
OpenTelemetry integration for HTTP::Tiny
OpenTelemetry integration for LWP::UserAgent
An abstract interface for OpenTelemetry propagators
Propagate context using the W3C Baggage format
A composite context propagator for OpenTelemetry
A context propagator for OpenTelemetry that does nothing
A context propagator for OpenTelemetry using string key / value pairs
Propagate context using the W3C TraceContext format
Represents TraceFlags in a W3C TraceContext
Represents a TraceParent in a W3C TraceContext
Represents TraceState in a W3C TraceContext
Generic methods for the OpenTelemetry Tracing API
An event associated with an OpenTelemetry span
A link to an OpenTelemetry span
A single operation within a trace
Abstract interface of an OpenTelemetry span processor
The status of an OpenTelemetry span
The part of an OpenTelemetry span that propagates
A span factory for OpenTelemetry
Provides access to OpenTelemetry Tracers
An exception factory for OpenTelemetry
Invalid arguments used in an OpenTelemetry operation
Unable to parse data from a payload
Attempted to use an unsupported version