Changes for version 0.001008 - 2022-07-05

  • Refactored to move most of the content negotiation into the plugin, so we can simplify the views.
  • JSON view changed to return its data more like the Text and HTML views
  • HTTP Exception object refactored to use a role (which is now preferred for custom exceptions)
  • You can now add additional headers in the exception object, and pass headers via the dispatch and detach errors methods.
  • using status_code instead of jsut status. This is a break change but needed because I found 'status' was just too generic and was causing namespace conflicts.
  • improved the docs a bit.


Automatically return an error page
Standard error responses with content negotiation
Standard HTTP Errors Responses in HTML
Standard HTTP Errors Responses in JSON
Standard HTTP Errors Responses in Plain Text.
Standard error handling with content negotiation and utilities
Global Content Negotiation object
HTTP error message data in various languages
A basic way to throw exceptions