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Jozef Kutej

Changes for version 0.09

  • add --force-all option for apt-cpan
  • sudo no more default
  • throw an exception when the index is empty or missing
  • add --version to all scripts
  • apt-pm-web include data generation date-time
  • fix dpkg-scanpmpackages to be less memory greedy
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  • SettingUpBuildSystem - How to set-up a chrooted build system
  • apt-cpan - installs CPAN modules from Debian repository if possible
  • apt-pm - locate Perl Modules in Debian repositories
  • apt-pm-web - generate json files for the CPAN package => Debian package mapping
  • dh-make-pm - build Debian packages (dh-make-perl on pbuilder+cowdancer steroids)
  • dpkg-scanpmpackages - creates PerlPackages index from .deb files