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Changes for version 3.3.0

  • r534402 | jm | 2007-05-02 11:58:23 +0000 (Wed, 02 May 2007) | 1 line


simple front-end filtering script for SpamAssassin
client for spamd
start spamd with Apache as backend


Spam detector and markup engine
provide access to cached information for ArchiveIterator
find and process messages one at a time
scanner asynchronous event loop
auto-whitelist handler for SpamAssassin
support for learning classifiers
Storage Module for default Bayes classifier
BerkeleyDB Bayesian Storage Module Implementation
MySQL Specific Bayesian Storage Module Implementation
PostgreSQL Specific Bayesian Storage Module Implementation
SQL Bayesian Storage Module Implementation
Client for spamd Protocol
SpamAssassin configuration file
load SpamAssassin scores from LDAP database
parse SpamAssassin configuration
load SpamAssassin scores from SQL database
DNS resolution engine
SpamAssassin logging module
log to standard error
decode, render, and hold an RFC-2822 message
extract metadata from a message
decode, render, and make available MIME message parts
per-message status (spam or not-spam)
per-message status (spam or not-spam)
persistent address list base class
SpamAssassin plugin base class
SpamAssassin plugin to look up the Autonomous System Number (ASN) of the connecting IP address.
Normalize scores via auto-whitelist
check message against Access Database
simple anti-virus tests
threshold-based discriminator for Bayes auto-learning
determine spammishness using a Bayesian classifier
extract "bases" from body ruleset
perform DCC check of messages
perform DKIM verification tests
perform hashcash verification tests
perform regexp tests against MIME headers
SpamAssassin plugin for redirecting links in incoming emails.
perform Pyzor check of messages
perform Razor check of messages
add message metadata indicating the country code of each relay
tags for SpamAssassin rules
For reusing old rule hits during a mass-check
speed up SpamAssassin by compiling regexps
perform SPF verification tests
short-circuit evaluation for certain rules
perform SpamCop reporting of messages
TextCat language guesser
look up URLs against DNS blocklists
test URIs using detailed URI information
whitelist by Subject header
SpamAssassin plugin handler
SpamAssassin SQL Based Auto Whitelist
back-channel for communication between a master and multiple slave processes
safe, reliable timeouts in perl
utility functions
Progress bar support for SpamAssassin
spamd protocol handler for Apache2
host-based spamd access control
configure Apache with SpamAssassin
parse spamd command line options


in lib/Mail/SpamAssassin/Bayes/CombineChi.pm
in lib/Mail/SpamAssassin/Bayes/CombineNaiveBayes.pm
in lib/Mail/SpamAssassin/Bayes/CombineChi.pm
in lib/Mail/SpamAssassin/Bayes/CombineNaiveBayes.pm
in lib/Mail/SpamAssassin/BayesStore/DBM.pm
in lib/Mail/SpamAssassin/BayesStore/SDBM.pm
in lib/Mail/SpamAssassin/Constants.pm
in lib/Mail/SpamAssassin/DBBasedAddrList.pm
in lib/Mail/SpamAssassin/Dns.pm
in lib/Mail/SpamAssassin/HTML.pm
in lib/Mail/SpamAssassin/Locales.pm
in lib/Mail/SpamAssassin/Locker.pm
in lib/Mail/SpamAssassin/Locker/Flock.pm
in lib/Mail/SpamAssassin/Locker/UnixNFSSafe.pm
in lib/Mail/SpamAssassin/Locker/Win32.pm
in lib/Mail/SpamAssassin/MailingList.pm
in lib/Mail/SpamAssassin/Message/Metadata/Received.pm
in lib/Mail/SpamAssassin/Message/Metadata/Received.pm
in lib/Mail/SpamAssassin/NetSet.pm
in lib/Mail/SpamAssassin/Dns.pm
in lib/Mail/SpamAssassin/MailingList.pm
in lib/Mail/SpamAssassin/Plugin/BodyEval.pm
in lib/Mail/SpamAssassin/Plugin/OneLineBodyRuleType.pm
in lib/Mail/SpamAssassin/Plugin/DNSEval.pm
in lib/Mail/SpamAssassin/Plugin/FreeMail.pm
in lib/Mail/SpamAssassin/Plugin/HTMLEval.pm
in lib/Mail/SpamAssassin/Plugin/HTTPSMismatch.pm
in lib/Mail/SpamAssassin/Plugin/HeaderEval.pm
in lib/Mail/SpamAssassin/Plugin/ImageInfo.pm
in lib/Mail/SpamAssassin/Plugin/MIMEEval.pm
in lib/Mail/SpamAssassin/Plugin/RelayEval.pm
in lib/Mail/SpamAssassin/Plugin/URIEval.pm
in lib/Mail/SpamAssassin/Plugin/WLBLEval.pm
in spamd-apache2/lib/Mail/SpamAssassin/Spamd.pm
in lib/Mail/SpamAssassin/Reporter.pm
in lib/Mail/SpamAssassin/SpamdForkScaling.pm
in lib/Mail/SpamAssassin/Util/DependencyInfo.pm
in lib/Mail/SpamAssassin/Util/RegistrarBoundaries.pm
in lib/Mail/SpamAssassin/Util/ScopedTimer.pm
in lib/Mail/SpamAssassin/Util/TieOneStringHash.pm